During the spring, due to the heat and moist soil, the weeds grow again. Because weeds use water and nutrients that are destined for the trees, we attack the weeds by plowing the ground. In addition, the soil becomes airy so that it breathes well and absorbs rainwater.

After the autumn, we make the soil around the trees flat and smooth in preparation for the harvest. As a result, the olives that fall early from the trees can be gathered more easily from the ground. From these olives there will be made olive oil as well, but not for consumption. The smooth ground also has the advantage that during harvesting the nets can be dragged more easily.


Ordered today, shipped by us in the Netherlands by tomorrow.

Shipping costs NL € 3,95

From € 50, - free shipping in the Netherlands.


The dog days are approaching and with it the warmest period of the year. The olive trees have been able to prepare reasonably well with the rain that fell recently, but it could have been more. They can use it well because so far it looks like we're in for a good harvest. The trees are chock full of growing olives!

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