Mayonnaise! (And Alioli)
You probably won't believe it, but the real mayonnaise is made with at least 70% oil. If it contains less oil it should not be called mayonnaise. So, what's more healthy to use olive oil for this? Exactly ...
However, with many olive oils, the mayonaise is not delicious at all, as it becomes too bitter and spicy. But with our super soft and non-bitter Empeltre you will get a delicious Mayonnaise with delicious olive oil flavor! And who says Mayonnaise is unhealthy? With this mayo you almost put a medicine on your fries, so healthy!



1 whole egg
2 tablespoons mustard
1 tablespoon lemon juice
250ml olive oil
pepper and salt


  • In a measuring cup, mix all ingredients except the olive oil and mix it shortly with a bar mixer.
  • Then add the olive oil in a very thin jet until the whole becomes a thick mass. This takes a while because the oil must really be poured very slowly.

As a variation, you can add some garlic after making the mayonnaise to turn it into a delicious original Spanish alioli.

Ok, ok, of course we are real olive oil freaks, and always have plenty of hands, so if you think the olive oil flavor is dominating, or you do not want to use a half bottle at once, you can replace some of the olive oil with sunflower oil, which has a neutral taste.


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The dog days are approaching and with it the warmest period of the year. The olive trees have been able to prepare reasonably well with the rain that fell recently, but it could have been more. They can use it well because so far it looks like we're in for a good harvest. The trees are chock full of growing olives!

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